About IA

Invenzione Armonica(IA) is a chamber orchestra which focuses on music of the Baroque-Classical period. Established in 2005, we have had musical activities in Sendai and Fukushima. IA delivers you a well-ensembled, agile, lively musical experience which traditional large orchestras can’t.

 IA’s way

  1. Without conductor

    We strive to be Active, not Passive. We create our sounds through our discussions and from our communication. There is no conductor in IA, but every musicians must be a conductor for themselves.

  2. Haydn as a lifework

    We have never found a composer who has more intelligence and humor than Haydn. Our goal is to reproduce the enthusiasm of his music.

  3. Zero-top style orchestra

    We perform and are managed like a modern football style “Zero-top”. Everyone is a conductor, and everyone is a manager.



The five stripes represents staff notation and “flag”. As we have no conductors, our sounds are created by succesful communication. The “flag” indicates our direction for this new musical experiment.


Application Guidelines[2017.8.26 UP]Recruitment

  • Instruments
    • Violin 2
    • Violoncello 1
    • Bassoon 1


  • Qualification
    • Join our regular concert
    • Own instruments, 3 year- Musical experience
    • Attend our activities in Sendai/Fukushima (1-2/Month)


  • Fee
    • 20,000JPY/Season (0JPY for highschool, undergraduate, guraduate students)


  • Process
  1. Interview (F2F, Skype)
  2. One day experience
  3. Join after mutual agreement

The 13th concert[2018.8.26 UP]

t_ia_13th_A4_omote t_ia_13th_A4_ura

8th October 2017(Sun)
[open] 13:30 [start] 14:00
at Miyagi library 2F Hall YOKENDO
Admission free (¥0)
(Babies are(0-) allowed to enter)


J.Haydn:Symphony No.63 in C major, Hob.I:63 “La Roxelane”

C.P.E.Bach:Symophony in G major Wq.182-1

J.C.Bach:Duo for harpsichord A major Op.18-5

J.S.Bach:Air from Orchestral Suite no.3 BWV1068 (Air on G string)

<How we create our sounds>

Open rehearsal 11:00-11:30
8th October 2017(Sun)
Entrance free